Permata Kindergarten


The History of Permata Kindergarten

Permata Kindergarten was founded by Yayasan Permata Emas in 2016 with Deed No. 73 dated May 30, 2016 notary FX. Suhartono, SH., M.Kn which was ratified by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia by Decree Number AHU-0026660.AH.01.04. Year 2016.


The Vision of the Permata Kindergarten

Become a quality Early Childhood Education Institution based on God's love


The Mission of the Permata Kindergarten

Develop children's potentials in knowledge, attitudes and skills optimally through education and teaching that is inspiring, fun and full of love


The Purpose of the Permata Kindergarten

1. Produce students who are faithful and tolerant

2. Produce students who are honest and virtuous

3. Produce students who are creative and innovative

4. Produce students who are communicative and participatory

5. Produce students who are happy to share and easy empathy

6. Produce students who love the arts and personal hygiene


Curriculum Permata Kindergarten

The curriculum of Permata Kindergarten uses the 2013 curriculum of Early Childhood Education from the Ministry of National Education

Facilities Permata Kindergarten

To provide convenience for all students, TK Permata has adequate facilities:



Study time

7.30am - 10.30am


Extracurricular activities

Vocal Group


Dance Arts

Art painting


Activity Program

Parent Seminar


Study Tour

Internal and External Competition


Our guest

Student of Permata Kindergarten 2016/2017



Student of Permata Kindergarten 2017/2018